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Our Experienced Technicians Are Ready to Diagnose, Install and Repair All Your Valve Needs!

   Capital Valve Service Inc. offers a wide array of onsite field services lead by our experienced technicians who will diagnose and repair all your industrial valve needs! Capital Valve Service Incorporated affords customers the following attractive options and more:


  • Remove defective valves to take back to our repair facility for complete remanufacture.

  • Replace defective valve(s) with new or re-manufactured from our stock.

  • Reinstall within your requested time frame at extremely competitive rates.

  • Furnish new or re-manufactured valves for turnaround and re-manufacture your existing valve as a spare.

  • Certify and repair on site back flow Preventers

  • Steam Trap Testing with written audit findings.

  • Packing emissions and steam packing your existing valves in line.

  • Pressure Seal Valve Repair.

  • Field Installed retrofits and modifications.

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